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The Devil in my Seat (Trailer)

On his thirty-sixth birthday, Shamus McTuck discovers that his life of health, beauty and success has all been a gift from his childhood best friend, the Devil. Will he give up his loving family and perfect life…after experiencing life without the Devil’s help, or will he let the Devil borrow his soul for a few life times,  and thereby continue to enjoy the best that life has to offer?
This story examines a unique interpretation of Evil and what it means to deal with the Devil.




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The mechanics of Espresso

Coffee (Video)




“The Dishwasher.”




(16mm Feature film 2003)

  A naive, young man from the suburbs is catapulted into the merciless, Hollywood, underground art scene. The sweaty, hairy reality of Los Angeles in the nineties may prove to be the undoing of this unfortunate soul.

The Amazing Omelette (Trailer)