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Feature Screenplays Written by Mark Januzelli:


The Checklist

Four young writers decide to experience the dark side of life in order to become better at their craft. They create “The Checklist.” …a list of dirty deeds which they have six months to complete.


Elliot and the Ocean

Elliot Grumbacher’s life is unravelling and about to self destruct, unless he confronts the demons of his past. The epic battle, however, must take place in the treacherous surf of the Pacific Ocean.


Silver Lake Dick

Small time detective, Rick Valentine, hopes to find the “big time” case to emulate his hero…the classic “Private Dick” of film and television. The problem is…he’s kind of a dick.


Real Pleasure

A new product on the market effectively eradicates the male ego. Women step up to fill the power vacuum as gender roles are reversed, now that men have nothing to prove…except for the few hold-outs – the rare and desirable “Real” Men.


The Devil in my Seat

On his thirty-sixth birthday, Shamus McTuck discovers that his perfect life of success and beauty has all been a gift from his childhood, best friend, the Devil. After sampling life without the Devil’s help, he must decide if the gift is worth keeping.


The Amazing Omelette

“Sleepy” Jim Sanders is jolted from his low-impact lifestyle at home with Mom by an offer from an estranged childhood friend.  Risking the comforts of home, he sets off to take a shot at the Hollywood dream, only to awake in the harsh reality of LA”s creative underground.


Turtle’s Treasure

An odd, child-like treasure map found near a sanitarium sends a young boy and his irresponsible uncle to a shocking discovery, and a reluctant, criminal investigation of the boy’s past.


Story About a Story

Clifton Clayton is living a life within a life as he creatively writes the episodes of his “life.” Unfortunately, the two lives begin to compete for his attention, and the lines of reality begin to blur.


The Magic Pajamas

“Love is, simply, the spiritualization of sensuality,” or so believes the artist in Randolph Kurtz, as he struggles to convince the girl he loves. Philosophy and love collide as the two redefine the classic case of “boy meets girl.”


Car Fort

A successful, but disillusioned businessman reconnects with his past, as well as his young daughter, when he finds, and restores the abandoned, carcass of an automobile that served as a refuge during his youth.


Screenplays (Short Film)  Written by Mark Januzelli


“You’re So Funny.”

A young couple on a first date experience an entire relationship over dinner, as the appetizers start the courtship, and the entrees serve up the commitment. Will they make it to the dessert, or will there be a salad fork in the road?


The Dishwasher

A man’s obsessive compulsive desire for clean dish ware spirals into paranoid delusions, and ultimately manifests itself as a horrifying creature he must now reckon with.


Alley Space

Curiosity sends an  average man into a dark, filthy alley where he becomes trapped, and must scavenge for survival as he watches the outside world, he was once part of, pass by. The only escape is to figure out why he’s trapped.



While waiting in a long line to check out at the grocery store, a man connects with the female cashier. They both create fantasy relationships with one another, but the fantasy is corrupted as they get closer, and discover each other’s flaws…he judges her physically, and she judges him on the products in his shopping cart.