In Development


Elliot and the Ocean

A feature length, comedic drama taking place on land, on the ocean and in the past.

Elliot is a 30-something illustrator and unintentional smart-ass whose past is finally catching up to him.  His world is unravelling for reasons he cannot understand.  His relationships fray and and his career falters as he finds himself cast out to society’s fringe.  Dissatisfied and disillusioned, he retreats further into a lifestyle of minimal responsibility.  As Elliot observes his life slowly slipping away, he begins to suspect that the demons haunting him are from his past, as well as from just beyond the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Three unique timelines converge to reveal how the past is inextricably linked to the future, and how, in family, friendships and love, we can sometimes find redemption for our misdeeds.